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    Product features: Bound borrowing rate 3.92% – 11.38% p.a. (depending on creditworthiness) – Effective annual interest rate 3.99% – 11.99% p.a. (depending on creditworthiness)

    Net loan amount EUR 12,209.00 – contract term 72 months – 72 monthly installments – monthly installment EUR 225 – total amount to be paid EUR 15,534.62 – fixed borrowing rate 8.64% (depending on creditworthiness) – effective annual interest rate 8.99% p.a.

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    A mortgage is a specific type of loan that an individual takes in order to purchase a new or used home. Many individuals pursue this type of loan through a us bank home mortgage program. There is a bit of paper work that must be fileed with the banks, but afterwards they will disperse the funds in order to purchase ahome. Mortgage Payment Calculator Aids The best way to figure out how much an individual can afford to take when dealing with a mortgage, is to use a mortgage payment calculator. This tool can be accessed free online, and can aid the individual to calculate mortgage payment amounts based on the expense of the home they desire to purchase.

    Determining Home Mortgage Rates

    The mortgage rate the the person will be responsible for will be determined by a number of different facets. The first is how much money will be initially put down on the home at the originating purchase time. The more money that one can put down on the initial purchase of the home, the lower the mortgage rate will be. Another major factor that will determine the monthly mortgage payments is the overall cost of the home. The more the home costs, the more the mortgage rate will be. A calculator tool can aid the individual in determining how expensive a home can be afforded based on current earnings and savings.

    Using a Reverse Mortgage

    While this is still in the realm of the mortgage instruments, it is not quite the same thing as a mortgage. A reverse mortgage is when the individual “sells” off the equity of their home in order to receive monthly payments in order to sustain self. A reverse mortgage calculator can help the individual to determine how much those payments will be based on the present equity in their home. The catch with the reverse mortgage is where the home goes once the individual has passed on. The home will typically go to the mortgage company in order to resell it to be recompensed for the payments made to the late owner.
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